Chris is glad to schedule speaking events upon availability. He enjoys and specializes in speaking on topics such as… the pure Gospel of God’s Grace, overcoming adversity, the importance and practice of prayer, discovering and living your identity in Christ, parenting, leadership, and God’s heart for adoption.

What people are saying…

“The people whom God has used to shape my heart, were ministers who spoke from their heart. Chris is one of those men. Grounded in grace and the Word of God, Chris speaks with anointing and compassion. He’s been through the fire and lived to tell about it. What he says helps others walk with God while in their furnace of affliction.”  – Tony Nolan   Friend/Evangelist/Author

“Like a parent who sees their child in harms way, Chris is full out to help all understand that we need what we have been offered; God’s grace, mercy, forgiveness, love, hope and encouragement.  Chris opens up all of God’s Word in order to pass on the eternal principles of God’s love for us and Chris will open up any and all of his story, if it will help any of us understand and sense that we are loved by God.”  – Steve Roepken   Pastor/Writer 

“When speaking, Chris has an energy that inspires you to take action in your life. His passion for helping people understand God’s unconditional love is reflected in his teachings and stories.”   Amber Dobecka  /  Faithvillage.com

“Chris has the ability to communicate weaving grace and truth together in such a way that allows the audience to meet with Jesus and experience Him. Chris seems to have the ability to communicate in a clear, relevant way that points people to the cross. His character, willingness to share hard truth, and clarity of the text is a great testament to how God is at work in his life.”   -Chris Rollman     Pastor of Church Planting and Evangelism / West Evangelical Free Church  Wichita, Kansas

Chris’ speaking is lively, relevant, compassionate and goes straight to the real issues in our lives and how the Gospel intersects with them!   -Todd Hahn    Lead Pastor / Next Level Church    Charlotte, NC 

“Pastor Chris has an ability to speak truth and life into the hardest of hearts reaching people far from God. I know because I was one of them.”   -Earl Henning     Pastor  

By the grace of God, we met Chris and his lovely family in China when we were both adopting our daughters last year.  What an incredible, genuine, loving, passionate individual Chris is and how blessed we were to have met him.  We have learned so much from his messages.  We have been so touched, so moved, so inspired by his words and we faithfully continue to seek his guidance and wisdom throughout all of our experiences in life.  Somehow, it seemed that every time we turned to Chris for his weekly words of wisdom, it felt as though he was speaking specifically to us!  Our minds have been blown away by that and by the relevance of all of his messages to our lives.  -The Assante’s, New Jersey

“It has been my pleasure to know and hear the speaking and teaching of Chris Kratzer for several years now. I find Chris’ insights and guidance for us all to be scripturally relevant, spiritually inspirational and situationally needful. In a world that searches and seeks for God’s clarity and voice daily, Chris helps deliver that voice with a passion and excitement that steadily reassures and instructs us all.”  -Jeff White

Short video clips of Chris’ speaking are located below. Full messages of additional topics can be viewed on the main portion of this website. If you are interested in scheduling Chris to speak at your event or service, please submit the form below at the bottom of this page.

Rise Above: Purpose in Pain (short clip)

Rise Above: Purpose in Pain (view full message at www.chriskratzer.com from chris kratzer on Vimeo.

Surrender (short clip)

Surrender: (view full message at www.chriskratzer.com) from chris kratzer on Vimeo.

Sitting at the Table (short clip)

Sitting at the Table: (view full message at www.chriskratzer.com) from chris kratzer on Vimeo.

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