Dropping the H-Bomb

So have you heard about it? It’s called homosexuality.  

Try pulling the pin on this topic in cubicle-world, wally-world (Walmart), blog-world, church-world, or any other world you are in and dude, it can get explosive! Like a bad case of  mountain river Giardia, you are likely going to have a mess to clean up. People, no matter their background, are all over the map on their views, not to mention the emotional dynamite that each view packs with it.  You can’t even address this issue without somebody finding a reason to criticize your even addressing it. So here I am, and for whatever it’s worth, here are my views as I try to reflect the counsel of God’s Word on the matter.

I believe that all expressions of sexual intimacy outside the container of heterosexual marriage are both unbiblical and immoral. Yet, I do not believe that homosexuality is deserving of greater disapproval than any other sexual sin. Neither are those involved in homosexuality deserving of special condemnation; as the Bible declares, “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” More importantly, I believe that Jesus did not come to condemn anyone, but to redeem and free us from the particular forms of bondage in which we all find ourselves.

I see an important distinction between persons and policies. While echoing the Biblical message of compassion, forgiveness and redemption available for individuals, I also stand against social policies that have the effect of legitimizing homosexual behavior. I believe that the legitimization of same-sex marriage, and the instruction of children and youth that homosexuality and bisexuality are morally equivalent to heterosexuality is not only unbiblical, but harmful.

I cannot subscribe to any form of evil; including prejudice, bigotry or violence. I believe that moral opposition is not a license to engage in any form of slander or harassment against those with whom we disagree. Morally and legally speaking, I have concluded that a crime against a homosexual is no less a crime against humanity, and deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Personally, I see homosexuality as one of many broken desires that infects fallen humanity. Choosing to reconcile such desires through homosexual behavior, taking on a homosexual identity or a homosexual lifestyle is considered a distortion of God’s intent for an individual and is thus sinful.

Despite my conviction that homosexuality is sinful, I humbly respect the complexity and layers of struggle that men and women must endure when faced with their homosexual self-understanding, and desire to walk beside them (and their families) on their journey. Indeed, there is a growing witness of many men and women who have abandoned their homosexual desires and behaviors and testify that they can surrender to God who is able to change them. Christ offers a healing, transforming alternative to all homosexual desires.

I believe my responsibility as a Christian is to lovingly uphold such redemption for the homosexual person as a process whereby sin’s power is broken, God’s all-encompassing grace is realized, and the individual is freed to know and experience their true identity as discovered in Christ and His church. That process entails the freedom to embrace celibacy or grow into heterosexuality.

O.k, now… fire away.  But no de-friending or de-twittering allowed!




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